Tifton First Preschool Graduation

Tifton First Preschool Graduation

On Tuesday, May 10th at 11:00 a.m. First Methodist Preschool will hold its Graduation Program. Thirteen children in Preschool 4 classes will perform songs they have learned this year.  

First Methodist Preschool is very proud of our 2022 graduates. They are: Elliott Bradford, Piper James Bradford, Oliver Chammoun, Reagan Edge, Alyssa Johnson, Gray McLemore, Jack Metropol, Gabriel Sauls, Drake Tucker, Henri Tullos, Timothy Vicars, Caden Welbourn, and Aurora Williford. 

The loving teachers that work with these and the other children that attend Preschool each week and make their first experiences at school positive are: Billie Jo Abney, Tiffany Alexion, Ashley Bennett, Ashley Britt, Emily Brown, Jennifer Cole, Jessica Fechner, Judith Gibson, Stephanie Grantham, Missy Hutto, Brittany Jones, Laura Maxwell, Terri Stinson, Becca Thomas, Danielle Tubbs, Taylor Tucker, and Helen Vicars. We are also blessed to have  Diane Bargeron as Assistant Director.  

First Methodist Preschool continues to offer quality early education and Christian values to our children.       

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