Confirmation Sunday

Confirmation Sunday

A lot of people don’t understand what Confirmation is. They think it is a class that you go through, and after that, you automatically become a member of the Church. Well, that may be the case in some places, but attending a class doesn’t mean that a person will make a decision.

Confirmation in the Wesleyan tradition is a time when there is instruction. We have tried to keep things very simple in Confirmation the last few years here. We talk about the reality of our situation, in being separated from God because of sin, and how Jesus provided the way for us to be restored to God, forgiven of our sin, and given the gift of eternal life. We talk about the Bible, about Prayer, about Facing Problems, about God’s Family (the Church), and about how we are to Tell Others. We also look at some Methodist History.   

Throughout the Confirmation class time, we seek to build relationships with the young people, give them a foundation in Christian belief, and answer any questions they have. But then, we do something different. We talk to the kids and ask them, have they made a decision for Jesus, or would they like to? We acknowledge that it’s an important decision, and if they aren’t ready to make that, it’s okay. 

The reality is, many have already made decisions, some will make a decision in the class, and some will determine they aren’t quite ready. So it’s interesting with a small class, when we’re writing about a Confirmation Sunday that’s still two weeks off, we don’t know if we will have anyone that is actually confirmed, and that’s okay. Because the most important thing in Confirmation isn’t that kids say yes, because it’s expected, it’s about kids knowing they are in a good place to make their own decisions.   

We’re going to celebrate with them, whatever their decision, this Sunday. I hope you can join us!

In Christ, 

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