Sitting at the Children’s Table

Sitting at the Children’s Table

 If you missed this past Sunday, you missed a treat, as our youth led us in worship in the morning, and we had our first worship night, if not ever, in a long time. Thanks to all of those who made Sunday so successful.   

You had lots of opportunities for takeaways from Sunday, but to me the richest were the fact that, as I’ve always said, “Yes, the youth are the Church of the Future, but they are also a vibrant part of the Church Today!” Every revival I’ve witnessed in a local church, had its start with the Holy Spirit moving in the lives of the Youth of that church. As they were touched, their parents were touched, volunteers were touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. That moved into Sunday school classes and small groups. And it culminated in worship and opportunities like we had Sunday evening   

There’s a reason bigger than I was a kid at heart, that I sat at the “children’s table” at family functions well into parenthood (and even now, depending on who’s at the table) – it was where the energy and excitement was. It was the life of the family. Our Children and Youth are part of Tifton First in profound ways. That’s one reason I’m so glad we could get the acolytes going again.   

I shared in the last frontis about being an acolyte and taking up the offering, but like Landon, I preached my first sermon as a part of a youth service in my home church. (He did such a better job than I did/do!) The summer before my senior year, I directed our Vacation Bible School. Our Children and Youth can do incredible things, and do them incredibly well, with just a little bit of direction. We want them plugged in. 

We want you plugged in as well. We need volunteers in every ministry area in this church. God has given you gifts and abilities for the building of His Church. If you aren’t using your gifts and talents in His Church, let us help you get plugged in.   

Speaking of getting someone plugged in, Derek introduced one of our volunteers working with the youth Sunday. We’re glad to welcome Hailey Breaux as our Intern who will be helping Derek even more this Summer. She has already brought a lot to our Youth Ministries, and we’re delighted to have her joining us on staff.   

In Christ, 

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