Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday

This Sunday is a very special day for the church! We are combining the 11:00am Contemporary and Traditional Services as the Youth will be leading us in worship. 

I began in Ministry as a summer camp counselor looking to have a fun summer and make some money. Little did I know, God used each student that I saw for 10 straight weeks to change my life. Witnessing young people express where God is moving in their life is one of the more impactful expressions of God’s love we witness.  

While speaking and preparing with the Youth for this Sunday, God’s grace has been the theme that He has spoken into the hearts of our students. Over the past year, things have gradually opened up and allowed us to have more “normal” opportunities with the youth. These opportunities have led to our students asking more questions about their faith and wanting to put their faith on display.  

I hope are able to join us in the Sanctuary at 11:00am and that you will be as impacted as I was when I first began working with students.      


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