There was a football game Sunday?

There was a football game Sunday?

I honestly haven’t had much use for the NFL, since they decided they were a political vehicle and allowed their employees to make public spectacles as they disrespected the flag. But apparently, there was a football game this past Sunday. The Super Bowl used to hold a special place for me, but the game itself got replaced years ago by the commercials and the opportunity it provided to do something special with youth. 

This past Sunday, Derek had our youth, along with the youth from Perry and Moultrie for a special time in the Activities Center. It was neat watching our staff and volunteers collaborate to do something special for the youth. The game was on the monitor outside of the gym, and projected in the Youth Room. But there was an unbelievable spread of food in the lobby, and the gym was transformed into a glow in the dark fun-fest, with a variety of glow in the dark games.   

In the years before I started doing Youth Ministry – Sub-district, District, and Conference Youth Events were a really big thing. Throughout my ministry, I’ve heard older people talking about the things they did, and the relationships they built in those connectional events. When I walked in to see 70+ folks eating, our volunteers and staff serving and mingling, I was so proud of Derek’s leadership and our churches support to make that happen.   

Thanks to all who helped make this event a success!   

In Christ, 

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