One Hundred and Forty Years!

One Hundred and Forty Years!

If you heard the traditional sermon this past Sunday, you heard me tell the story of how Tifton First came to be, when there was a shootout in the courthouse/schoolhouse during a meeting. That the Justice of the Peace,  J.J.F. Goodman was so distraught, he resigned as the Justice of the Peace and went to get licensed as a Methodist preacher, and started the first Methodist church in Tifton, in that same schoolhouse, just down from where the Old Methodist Church/Tifton Museum stands today. They started meeting on the first Sunday in March in 1882. That was one hundred and forty years ago, next month. 

If you haven’t heard me say it, we’re hoping to start back our Wednesday night suppers on Wednesday, March 2nd. That’s also Ash Wednesday, and we’ll be having our traditional Ash Wednesday service. The following   Sunday, March 6th, will be the First Sunday in Lent, and our 140th Anniversary. The plans are to start using acolytes again that Sunday and to start passing the plate again. That means we need acolytes and ushers.   

On Sunday, I asked if folks were interested in helping usher, that they indicate that on the pew pad. The same for 3rd-5th Graders wanting to acolyte. If you weren’t here, but would like to do one of those, please let us know. We’ll be putting a schedule in place and getting ready to crank things back up. We’re planning some other special things for that week, and I hope you will make sure to join us! 

You don’t have to wait until then though. I hope to see you Sunday! 

In Christ, 

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