Prayer Vigil set for River of Life

Prayer Vigil set for River of Life

With the River of Life community mission event coming to Tifton July 12 -16, Tifton First United Methodist Church Youth Director Derek Harrison and Summer Intern Emily Golden have created a prayer vigil schedule. The vigil will take place in the Tifton First Chapel from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of that week. 

“We want as many people as possible praying over River of Life, the students who are working, and the homeowners,” said Derek. 

“This will be a catalyst for our students and their relationship with Christ, as they go back and serve in their communities.”

Sign-up sheets for the vigil will be available in several locations on the campus of Tifton First. They can be found in the Narthex, outside of Chip’s office, in the Social Hall, the Adult Sunday School building, and the Activity Center.

“We would like to have an abundance of people praying over this event,” Derek said. “We want to make sure that every hour is covered in prayer.”

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