Winding Down???

Winding Down???

When I was doing youth ministry, it always amazed me. Some people thought I got 3-4 weeks of vacation – with Summer Camp, Choir Tour, a Wilderness Trip, and sometimes a Mission Trip. With some people who realized how crazy my summers were, they’d comment on how they knew I was glad things were “winding down,” as the time came for school to start back. That isn’t true either, as you crank back up all of the school year programming.

We may be winding down the Summer, but this past week, we had Children at Camp Connect – the Conference’s Children’s Ministry Summer Camping Program at Epworth By the Sea; and Youth participating in a Mission Trip to River of Life, in Savannah.  

The staff may be trying to sneak off for that last chance at a getaway before everything is wide open, but we’re excited about what God is doing at Tifton First!

In Christ,


*Chip will be out of the office this week for vacation.

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