Service You Don’t Always See

Service You Don’t Always See

No church operates without people serving in various ways. One of the things we commit to when we join is supporting the Church with our service. The truth is, we have volunteers and employees serving in so many ways that most people never see. We often take for granted that the sanctuary is going to be clean, that it will be decorated for Advent & Christmas, that we’ll have soap and paper goods in the restroom, and that there will be oil in the candles. But none of that happens without people serving and making it happen.   

At Tifton First, we are so blessed with the many volunteers and the staff that we have. This is a busy week in the life of the church, with the decorations going up across the campus, with the regular duties being tended to, and with all of the missions work that happens through this church on a weekly basis – soup kitchen, backpack buddies, AA…the list truly goes on and on.   

I want to thank all of you who do so much work to support the ministries of this church! This week, we especially want to thank Madeline Pate, as she finishes up her time working in our nursery. She’ll be leaving us as she transitions to VSU, to finish her education. If you get a chance, wish her well and thank her for her service to Tifton First!   

In Christ, 

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