Do You Need a Stephen Minister?

Do You Need a Stephen Minister?

I want to thank you for your faithfulness in dealing with a pretty heavy sermon series on “Good Grief.” There were some really hard messages in the series, and a one really long one on Suicide and Depression. I laughed and told the staff, it has to be long, because nobody would come back for Part 2.   

Though the messages were hard, they did open up lots of opportunities for people to talk about some issues they had in their lives. The reality is, all of us have issues in our lives, and sometimes we just need someone to walk with us through them. Not to give us solutions or make everything go away – just a friendly ear that can listen to our struggles, that we sometimes don’t feel we can burden our loved ones with any more.   

If you are in that boat, a Stephen Minister may be a great fit for you. We have a wonderful group of trained Stephen Ministers who are ready to do just that – walk with you through your struggles, offering support and a listening ear. If you think you would like a Stephen Minister, or more information about one, you can talk to me, Tammy Jones, or Sharon Sherling. We’d be happy to help make that happen.   

In Christ, 

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