Staying in Community with One Another

Staying in Community with One Another

“From Social Media to Social Ministry” by Nona Jones is a very informational book I am currently reading that details how the church can effectively reach people. With today’s rapidly evolving technology, how does the church stay relevant and up to date with these changes? 

Looking back at summer and all that the Youth were doing, I know I was not thinking that we would find ourselves in this “gray” area again of what to do. From summer camps and mission trips, to postponing the start of activities, we have had to alter the way we implement ministry and discipleship.  

These situations are challenging, but through them we have found new opportunities to reach out and minister! The Virtual Ministry Team has been meeting and implementing great ways for us to stay connected with one another. For Sunday Night Youth, we have shifted to offering a YouTube Live option for students who cannot attend in-person. The Children’s Ministry Team has begun posting worship videos for Sunday mornings on our Children’s Facebook page. Trevor and Harris have been working hard on the Contemporary Service, and we are tweaking the online presence weekly, in addition to countless other changes that are happening across the board.  

Although we can never replicate the community that is formed sitting in the pew or chair on Sunday mornings   virtually, we will continue to make strides in implementing ways for us to develop meaningful community and discipleship across all avenues.  

If you have any questions about how to join us virtually please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know.  



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