Continued Hold on Countdown

Continued Hold on Countdown

If you weren’t in worship Sunday, I announced that we’d be another week (at least) in the relaunch of our contemporary service. We’re enjoying being together for now, as Trevor has done the  special music, along with Kendra and the choir one week, and preached another. But we’re still working to resolve the aftereffects of the freezer going out. The air is a little fresher, but it is still noticeable for a lot of folks when they come into the social hall, and I’ve noticed I start to close up after about 5 minutes. So, for safety’s sake, we’ll give it a little more time. 

We’ve got a lot going on with the buildings right now. The Associate Parsonage is in the middle of about $55,000 worth of much needed updating. A lot of that needed updating when Stephanie, Bailey, and I lived in that house in 1996-1997. We have a leak in the choir room, and are waiting on the roofers who are so backed up with all of the rain. We just finished replacing the two sanctuary air conditioning units a month ago. And we’re working on trying to repair some of the other leaks, during this time when we can easily see if they are repaired. We’re making repairs to the big kid playground, because the start of school is quickly approaching.   

With all of that, we want to say a big “Thank You!” to the Trustees and all who are working so hard to get our facilities to where they need to be. I’m sorry we won’t be having the contemporary service on Sunday, but I’m confident that it is going to be worth the wait! 

In Christ,  

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