Where Did Everybody Go?

Where Did Everybody Go?
Considering where we’ve been for the last year plus, it is encouraging to see how well we’re doing. Our worship numbers are back to about 70% of where we were for the same timeframe for 2019, and our Sunday School  numbers are about 70% as well. Our giving has continued to be amazing. But at times, I find myself looking around, wondering where did everybody go?
That’s a normal question for the Summer, when we have families on vacation, folks going to out of town weddings, folks going to their lake or beach homes, and folks on church trips. But still, I find myself asking the question. I think now, especially now, following last year, there are still folks who haven’t come back. Some out of caution, or fear, some because their situations have changed, and some just because they’ve gotten out of the habit.
If you’re in that group, and aren’t comfortable, or don’t feel you can come back yet – we’re still here for you, and hope you can join us online or watch on television, until you can get back in person. We are still zooming most of our classes. For those who are just out of the habit, we want you to know too that we miss you, and hope you’ll come back soon!
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