Confirmation Class of 2021

Confirmation Class of 2021

This Sunday, the members of our Confirmation Class of 2021 who are ready to join the Church will be making their professions of faith. They’ve had an interesting journey, with weekly class meetings with Robby, Derek, and myself. They’ve enjoyed a confirmation retreat to Jekyll. They’ve even made a field trip to see the marker that celebrates Bishop Arthur J. Moore, at his home church in Brookfield.   

Some in the class had previously made decisions for Christ. Some made decisions on our retreat, some made decisions afterwards, some may not be at that point yet, and may not be confirmed. The reality is a class doesn’t make you a Christian, neither does being baptized. I love the way we acknowledge when we baptize children that they still have to “accept for themselves the gift of salvation and be confirmed as full and responsible members of Christ’s Holy Church.” 

Each one of us has to make our own decision, whether we will accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior or not. These that are coming to be confirmed have made that decision and will be declaring it publicly. If you can’t be there to support them, please continue to lift them up in your prayers!  

 In Christ,

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