Tifton First Leaders Begin Training

Tifton First Leaders Begin Training

STATESBORO – Leaders of Tifton First United Methodist Church began a seven-month training program here Tuesday at Pittman Park United Methodist Church. Senior Pastor Chip Grantham, Associate Pastor Trevor Ward, Youth Director Derek Harrison and Children’s Director Tiffany Alexion began Funnel Fusion Training. It is a program designed for churches to develop unique strategies for making disciples of Jesus Christ in their respective communities.

“We are trying to take the church into the future,” said Chip. “We hope to keep the main thing the main thing.”

Joining the Tifton First leaders at Pittman Park were representatives from Vineville United Methodist Church, Goshen United Methodist Church, Isle of Hope United Methodist Church, Trinity United Methodist Church, and Valley Hope United Methodist Church from Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Dave Rhodes is the lead coach and consultant for Clarity House, the organization that is providing this training.

These churches have committed to gather in person or online every three weeks through May of 2024 as they work to grow their ministries. 

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