One of the things a lot of people don’t understand about Methodism is our Confirmation Class. They think you don’t become a Christian by participating in a class. And they are correct. But you do become a Christian when you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and we help lay a foundation for people who have not made that decision to be informed, and give them an opportunity to do just that.  

Confirmation is a worthwhile class for anyone to go through. We’re actually planning on sharing some of the information during the time of my Wednesday Night Bible studies, in March. But our Confirmation Class of 5th Graders is kicking off, and we’ve got a fantastic group of about a dozen young people participating in it.  

Please pray for them as go through this special time, that they will not only hear and understand what is being shared, but retain it. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to them as they experience the classes, the retreat, and the  other things we have planned. Pray for their mentors and their parents as they support the teaching. And pray for the folks who are teaching the materials.  

It is a special time in the life of a church, when it is pouring itself into young people and their walk. Thank you for helping us through this season! 

In Christ,


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