The Questions

The Questions

Every United Methodist pastor being ordained is asked 19 historical questions. The first four are these: 1) Have faith in Christ? 2) Are you going on to perfection? 3) Do you expect to be made perfect in love in this life? 4) Are you earnestly striving after perfection in love?  

I really believe those are questions befitting of every believer. Do we really believe what we say we do? Are we striving to actually grow in our faith and live faithful, godly lives? What we believe affects how we live – do we believe we can be made like Christ in this life? Are we seriously trying to be that loving?  

Christian Discipleship is an intentional lifestyle. It’s like working out at the gym, or being disciplined in our physical exercise. If we are serious about it, the results are going to show. I’m not the most disciplined about diet and physical exercise. Unfortunately, I don’t have to tell you that, you can look at me and see it for yourself.

Can people see our intentionality in our walk with Jesus? Can they see the effects? I pray they can. Worship, Sunday School, and Bible studies are great ways for us to get in groups where we can grow together and help hold each other accountable. I hope you’ll come and grow with us, at Tifton First!

In Christ,

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