Speaking to the Truth?

Speaking to the Truth?

If you were at worship on Sunday, you probably saw Trevor and me as uncomfortable as you’ll see us, as we preached against the lie that sex is for our Self-Satisfaction, and proclaimed the truth that sex is a gift from God, for His purposes and our Good. Why is speaking Truth, sometimes so hard? 

Unfortunately, we’ve been brainwashed on the socialist idea of political correctness. For that reason, we’re afraid to speak the truth now, because when we do, we are going to be branded as something that isn’t good. We wonder why our country is coming apart, but on the whole, the people who speak the truth have been told to sit down and be quiet.   

As a result, we seem to have lost the ability for neighbors to work together for the good of their communities, political parties work for the good of the country, and anyone to hold anybody accountable for doing what they should do. We witness the looting of the stores and trains out west, the shootings and gang violence, the damage of the drug culture, and we have supposed leaders calling for the abolishment of police departments. 

This week, we’re going to struggle together as we look at the lie that right living is outdated. I hope you’ll join us in worship, as we attempt to speak the Truth!

In Christ, 

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