From Pastor Trevor

From Pastor Trevor

Hey ya’ll,  

Well lots of change has happened since we arrived here in Tifton, Ga. We said goodbye to our friends, family, and church home in Macon, Ga and said hello to some amazing friends and what already feels like family here in Tifton. In the process of moving, we had a lot going on. First we moved from our home that we sold into my mom’s basement. Next we moved from there to the duplex here in Tifton. Most recently we moved into the parsonage across the way from the church. So if that isn’t enough change for you add on a new job to the mix. Through all of this transition God has been so generous with us. A huge part of that has been the relationships that we have made along the way to this point with so many of you. When I look at how much change has happened to us over the last several months, I wonder what is one more thing we could add to the mix to make it even more interesting?! 

Before we moved out of the duplex on Old Ocilla Rd., we found out that Katy was pregnant! We could not believe our eyes when we saw the pregnancy test read positive. We didn’t know what to think, but we were extremely grateful. Since then, we have gone to several doctor’s appointments and the baby has been growing and doing flips in the womb. At this point, we have received confirmation that we are having a little girl! We could not be more excited for this next season of our life, and I can’t think of anyone better to share this news with than you all. We have already been welcomed in with loving arms, and now we get to see y’all love our baby girl the way you have loved us. Thank you for making us feel a part of the family here, and for your constant support. We appreciate your prayers for Katy and the baby during this time as well. We can’t wait to bring this girl into the world and see how God has knit her together to please His heart. She should be here sometime around April 22, 2022. 🙂 

In Christ,  

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