Things are pretty crazy right now. The Covid numbers in our community are through the roof, and so are the strep, ear infections, and sinus infections. There’s no question that people are concerned, and as people are getting sick, they naturally get concerned about worst case scenarios. We want you to be aware, take the proper precautions, but  continue to walk in God’s peace.   

There are things that are continuing at church, and things that we’re postponing for now. We aren’t about to start Wednesday night supper up. We’re postponing the start of our children’s Wednesday activities and our youth Wednesday events.. We’re having our midweek communion and prayer time, but are going to hold off on doing communion in    worship for a season. Preschool is off to an interesting start, and we’re praying for a healthy year. 

We are continuing to keep the doors open for worship and Sunday School. We are also continuing our online opportunities for involvement. If we can help you get connected please let us know.   

In all of the craziness, life and the work of the kingdom go on! We’ve celebrated Reece Watson being discharged from Shepherd’s and even getting to come home for the weekend. We’ve celebrated births – like Lamar and Sissy’s new grandbaby. We’ve welcomed new members into our fellowship and renewed memberships of old members over the last months as Joe and Kristin Ford, Paul and Mary Teter, Missy Norman, and Phil Dunn have come into the membership of the church! 

We’ve grieved the loss of Wanda Roberts and Eddie Sklany, and continue to pray for those who are grieving, those caring for others, and those in need of God’s healing. It has been awesome to witness Sunday School classes and others coming together for prayer times for their members, to see Club 55, and see how you continue to be the light of Jesus in the midst of some dark days.   

In Christ,  

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