Welcome Home

Welcome Home

It’s been over a year since we shut down as COVID concerns changed our world. We still aren’t over the pandemic, but things do seem to be changing in our area. Positive tests and hospitalizations are down significantly, from where they were a couple of months ago. Many of our members have gotten their vaccinations. And we have more and more people coming back to Sunday School and Worship. This week is Palm Sunday. We get to see the children process and wave palms instead of seeing pictures of children holding palms. We will be doing the baptism that was scheduled for the Sunday we shut down. And on Maundy Thursday, at 7:00 pm, we’ll have the worship service we didn’t get to experience last year.   

Since we didn’t have an in-person Easter service last year, we fully expect to have more people present that week, than we’ve seen in worship in well over a year. For that reason, we will be adding two additional services on Easter Sunday – a traditional and contemporary service at 10. We’ll back up our  normal contemporary service until 11, and will not be having Sunday School (Easter Sunday only). That is a tough call, but we still want to insure that those who need to socially distance are able to, and we have enough seating for all who want to be in worship. We hope some of our regular attenders at our normal services will consider coming at 10 on Easter, to allow people who aren’t normal attendees but who want to be in Church this Easter the opportunity. For all who are feeling their ways back into Sunday School and Worship, I want to say, “Welcome Home!” 

For those who aren’t comfortable worshipping with us in person, we hope you will join us  virtually as we celebrate these Holy Days in the Christian Year! 

In Christ,

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