Director of Communications

Tifton First United Methodist Church (TFUMC) in Tifton, Georgia ( is searching for a full-time Director of Communications. We are looking for an individual who is a solid role model and spiritual director with an energetic, enthusiastic, and creative spirit to lead the communications ministries at TFUMC.  The Director will work with other staff under the direction of the Senior Pastor, the Staff Parish Relations committee, and the Virtual Ministry Team to develop and conduct overall communications ministries for TFUMC.

Primary responsibilities are focused on informing Tifton of all activities going on in the church, expanding the participation at TFUMC through constant communications with members, visitors, and potential members through multiple communications channels and in helping the staff reach their intended audiences through targeted communications. The Director will work as a team member with other staff members under the direction of the Senior Pastor to develop and conduct overall programs and ministries for TFUMC.  

The Director should also be a vibrant, energetic person who can get TFUMC members excited about the Lord and can recruit, motivate, and train volunteers to lead and teach under his/her direction.

The Director of Communications will perform the following duties: 

Budgeting – Planning and reporting the communications needs and expenditures 

Brand Creation and Management – Ensures all communications are in keeping with the church’s branding and style guide.  Will need to create a branding and style guide for our church. 

Copywriting – Anything written to convince people to come to an event, use a service that the church offers, or volunteer can be considered copywriting, whether the audience is internal or external.  Coordinates with church staff to ensure that all published content is consistent with the communication plan and brand of Tifton First UMC.  

Creative Direction- Leading, performing and overseeing – 

Photography and/or Photo Editing – Shoots, selects, edits, and renames photos for promotional usage online and in print.   

Videography – Shoots, edits, and directs video production, creating a product that resonates with online audiences.  Keep in mind that videography is a highly collaborative process, so it’s important that your hire is willing to train and eventually oversee other videographers.

Graphic Design – Graphic Design involves creating images using graphic design software (such as Adobe Illustrator or Canva) for promotional use by the church.  This might include: creating images for promoting a sermon series; designing images for social media in keeping with our church’s branding; planning signage for our church and designing mailers and flyers to promote events. 

Research – Determines which communications efforts are and aren’t working. Puts systems in place to monitor and adjust all communications efforts.   Seeks and uses feedback to improve outreach. Presents data and information to support decision making.

Digital and Social Media Management – Includes both posting and responding to messages and comments on our church’s social media profiles. an understanding of, and ability to use digital technology and social media to communicate all events of the church. 

Team Leading – This involves hiring and managing freelancers as needed, recruiting, training, and overseeing volunteers, and encouraging the people who help them reach their goals in the church’s marketing & creative efforts. This is perhaps the most important component of any role in ministry, but especially in communications as this role propels the mission of the church forward. 

Website Management – Involves keeping the website up-to-date, acting based on user feedback to improve the experience for new users and striving to improve our Search Engine Optimization.  Duties may include: rearranging tabs, creating new web pages, collaborating with staff to create or repurpose content for the site, redesigning the entire site (with the help of others) and using SEO tools to improve ranking.

Communication Director’s Specific Characteristics

  • be visible at all services and recognized as the communications director
  • have an obvious presence and serve as a point of contact for church events
  • recruit and train volunteers and ensure adequate volunteer support
  • work with other staff members and maintain a teamwork mentality 

Christian Character.  

  • Are committed to supporting our church activities 
  • Are passionate about sharing the gospel 
  • Agree with our statement of beliefs

Strategic Thinking.  

  • Constantly making data-driven decisions about how to spend time and resources
  • Willing to look at our existing systems and determine what needs to be changed.
  • Able to develop plans and implement changes in ways that stick.


  • Constantly making sure they’re communicating effectively for our church- whether that comes from reading, training, research, or receiving critical feedback with grace.
  • Generating new ideas without the prompting of leadership.
  • Effectively following through without heavy oversight. 

Creativity and Openness to Ideas.  

  • Always coming up with new ideas.
  • Able to take a limitation and view it as an opportunity.

Excellent Communication Skills. 

  • Able to comprehend and express your church’s heart in an authentic manner.
  • Plugged in to the culture of your church.
  • Listening and asking questions of leadership, attendees, and your community at large.

Communication Director’s Skills & Qualifications

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Marketing, Journalism, Graphic Design, Information Technology, or related field.
  • Experience:  2 or more years of experience is preferred.
  • Technical Expertise: Experience in Web Design or WordPress is desired. Experience using Adobe Creative Suite, Canva or Microsoft Publisher is preferred.  Photography/Videography experience is desired.   Excellent attention to detail and organization skills is a must; basic computer skills required including experience with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows. 
  • Salary and benefits commensurate with education and experience
  • Position available August 2022
  • Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

To apply, please EMAIL the items below to:

Chuck Bargeron
Staff Parish Relations Committee
Tifton First United Methodist Church 
107 West 12th Street
Tifton, GA. 31794

  • a current resume demonstrating suitability for this position
  • a short statement summarizing why you are interested in and qualified to fill this position
  • names and contact information for three (3) references may be requested – website