Are You Staying Engaged?

Are You Staying Engaged?

Church has been crazy since March! We aren’t all comfortable being together, we’re having to wear masks and socially distance when we are. Many of us have   chosen to stay home and “go to church” on the sofa. I hope if you’re staying away, you’re staying engaged. And I pray that you are still helping your kids understand the importance of “going to church.” I’ve been inviting folks to dress up for the M*A*S*H series, and I just have to say it made me smile when a couple of adults took me up on it this past week in the sanctuary. But what really made my day was when I saw some of our younger folks had dressed the part, as they “went to church,” at home! 

If there are things we can do to help you stay engaged, please let us know. We’re really trying to be intentional with this, and struggling like everyone else is with how to “do Church.” Along those lines, I’m inviting all of the 20 and 30 somethings in the church to meet with me, on February 21st. We’re going to have a short time of worship, and then talk about ways the church can better serve that age-group. If you are in that group, please send me an email with good contact info for you – address (if you’re not at your parents), email, and a good phone number. Parents, if you’re kids are in that group, and still get mail at your house, help us by sharing the same info. My email is  

If you or yours are dressing up for M*A*S*H, send me a picture! We are all going to get through this, and we can do it best together!

In Christ,

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